What is TicTacToe

TicTacToe10™ (aka T10) is a fresh spin on an age-old classic. A mashup of classic tic tac toe and chess, it is a highly addictive strategy game that takes the seemingly trivial aspect of tic tac toe to a whole new level. 

Built upon the patented SmartGrid™ platform, T10 is a wonderful educational tool for educators and parents to help their children develop strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.

T10 on the Go!

TicTacToe10™ is a multi-mode game built on the patented SmartGrid™ platform. Currently available for iOS, Android and Microsoft devices, T10 is a fun and easy way to sharpen your problem solving skills.

Play against the computer or a friend and challenge each other through several different game modes.

Get Your Own for your Classroom or Home!

Whether you are an educator with a class of 25, or a stay-at-home parent of 3, we're ready to supply you with as many boards as you need. Help your kids to get off of their screens and interact with each other more by challenging each other on our physical game boards.

The true beauty of the SmartGrid™ platform is that it is open-source, which means you can play our game, or apply your own games, curriculum, or homework to our framework.

We're Looking to Grow!

The T10 team is comprised of a few dedicated individuals, with everyday lives and jobs, looking to change the way kids interact with each other and technology. We have big ideas we're looking to execute, including updating the look and functionality of our app. However, we are limited in our resources.

If you are a programmer, developer or coder, or even an angel investor looking to invest in a startup, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form.